Energy Business Consultants

Services Offered:

- Identifying acquisition targets based on given criteria

- Due Diligence, valuation and negotiations of acquisitions

- Conduct comprehensive financial and commercial due diligence for lenders and equity investors
- Build, analyze or reconstruct proformas
- Review operations and management
- Review development risks and determine valuation

- Financing projects and companies

- Raise equity and debt for development, construction and operations
- Raise equity for start-up technology-focused companies
- Find potential partners, co-investors

- Project Management/Development

- Create and/or manage budget
- Perform and/or manage financial analysis
- Locate site and negotiate option agreement
- Identify, hire and manage consulting team (permitting, public relations,
owners engineer, attorneys, etc.)
- Solicit and negotiate fuel supply & transportation agreement, off-take,
power sales agreements, interconnection agreements
- Purchase major equipment - new or used

- General contract creation, review and negotiations

- Selling

- Market projects or businesses in operation or under development
- Sell excess equipment

- Researching & preparing white papers on business niches & technologies

- Strategic Plans: Develop or provide independent assessment

- Representation

- Represent company at associations, board meetings, lobbying sessions and conferences

- Special Projects

- Identify and implement cost cutting procedures
- Identify and implement revenue enhancements
- Identify new buyers and sellers of products
- Develop business plans for new business endeavors
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